Sikama International announces product support for copper and silver sintering applications used in the power electronics and EV markets.

Sikama’s sintering pre-dry ovens offer conductive heating in a controlled environment with adjustable O2 levels as low as 5ppm in a footprint of less than 1 square meter. With their compact design, highly efficient conductive thermal transfer to high-mass components, and the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, Sikama’s products are the perfect fit for any power electronics production line. Additionally, with only 15 minutes before reaching temperature set points, energy costs and gas requirements are kept to a minimum.

With SMEMA and SECS/GEM capability and customizable profiling, their Ultra Profile and Falcon series ovens seamlessly integrate into the automated production line. Providing accurate and consistent temperatures, controlled cooling rates, and each zone fully adjustable to within 1°C, the guesswork is removed from the pre-drying process. With multidirectional process flow using either sweeper bar or walking beam transport systems and the lowest vibration and power consumption in the industry, Sikama has a configuration for any need.

For over 40 years Sikama International has offered highly reliable equipment and is the trusted option of manufacturers worldwide.