The Sikama UP1200 Oven has eight (8) work zones internal to the oven: six (6) heat zones and two (2) cooling zones. In addition, there is a load zone and an unload zone. The heat and cool zones have both top and bottom heating/cooling elements. The heating and cooling zones utilize the Sikama contact thermal transfer for the bottom elements and combined convection and radiant thermal transfer for the top elements. The load/unload zones can operate in local mode or can be integrated into a flowing process using SMEMA connectivity to other process machinery. The system may be operated with cover gases such as nitrogen or forming gas. Each cooling and heating zone has independent temperature controls, permitting a complex thermal profile to be used in the reflow or curing process.

The Sikama UP1200 can be operated “stand alone” using the operator control panel on the front of the machine or it can be controlled using the Sikama Integrated Control Software running on a MS Windows PC computer. The computer is connected to the UP1200 via a RS232 interface cable.

The UP1200 utilizes either a walking beam transport system or the LIFT system which accommodates warped wafers and heavier components. Both transport systems move the work item from zone-to-zone through the oven without friction or vibration. Each system lifts the work above the bottom contact heating zones and carries the work item to the next zone. The work item is not dragged or pushed, reducing the possibility of damage due to scraping or scratching.

Feature Specification Units Comments
Number of work zones:
Total number zones 10 n/a
Heating zones 6 n/a
Cooling zones 2 n/a
Load/unload zones 2 n/a
Heating/cooling platen size:
Width 14.1 Inches Dimension across transport path
Length 13.8 Inches Dimension along transport path
Process flow direction: Left-to-right when facing machine front side (factory option: UP1200 built with right-to-left flow)
Process temperatures:
Cooling zones: 10—60° +/- 4° C Dependent on external cooling system
Heating zones: 80—400° +/-2° C Temperature settling time dependent on work item thermal mass and conveyor speed
Transport System: walking beam
Number of beams 7 each
Beam pitch 1.75 (44.5) Inch (mm) Beam-to-beam
Beam span 10.5 (267) Inch (mm)
Max. substrate size 12.8 (325) mm Inch (mm)
Min. substrate size 3.75 (95.25) Inch (mm)
Maximum single unit transport capacity 2.6 Pounds Single part, transported end-to-end of machine
Conveyor height adjustable 39 max.35 min. Inch SMEMA compatible

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