About Sikama

Delivering the highest-quality solutions to our customers

We are world-class designers & manufacturers of solder reflow & support equipment

We serve the global electronics marketplace as key suppliers to some of the world’s most demanding applications.

Our unique thermal technologies, featuring conductive heating methodologies, offer benefits to customers which include lower costs, faster processing, and tighter temperature control.

We offer a full line of solder reflow and epoxy curing systems and support equipment, and have the ability to customize our equipment to meet your unique needs.  Contact us today to discuss your reflow requirements.

Our History

Initially a General Partnership between Sig and Kail Wathne, Sikama was established to design, develop, manufacture and market a line of quality reflow soldering/curing systems utilizing high efficiency conduction technology for the hybrid microelectronics industry. In January 1991, the Partnership was converted to a Corporation doing business in the state of California. Sikama is a privately held corporation.

Since start up, Sikama has exhibited continuous and steady growth. Sikama’s progressive expansion has been a direct result of the company’s pioneering technology efforts. From the initial product, the Falcon 5, additional conductive reflow soldering systems have been developed and deployed across the world.

The ongoing research and development in thermal technology has resulted in Sikama’s exclusive and unique heating technology. This technology was used in the development of the Ultra Profile 2000 and Ultra Profile 4000 reflow ovens. These machines have broad areas of application, and were specifically designed for “Ball Grid Array” substrates.

The evolution of Sikama’s product lineup led to the introduction of our own wafer flux coating system. The Falcon ICS412 was developed as an in-line belt flux coater/wafer washer capable of processing 100mm to 300mm wafers. The design offers a simple, robust, truly in-line system with the capacity to dispense up to 4 fluids.

As wafer bumping technology has matured, Sikama’s equipment has similarly evolved to meet the demands of the technology. Sikama’s UP1200 is a state-of-the-art, 300mm-capable reflow oven and is an ideal platform for global semiconductor packaging applications.

Today, our product roadmap directly reflects the needs of our long-term customers and of the industry at-large. Our engineering team is designing and implementing equipment solutions for larger substrates, for smaller geometries, and for unique customer-specific requirements.

Through past performance and nearly 40 years in the industry, Sikama International, Inc. has gained a reputation for quality products delivered on time with outstanding customer service.

Our Team

Herbert V. Weigel II

President & Owner

Taking the reins in December 2020, Herb Weigel is Sikama International’s newest owner, purchasing the company from one of the original founders.  Throughout his career Herb has held a variety of roles such as CEO, COO, Board Member, Advisory Board Member, Vice President of Manufacturing/Operations and Manufacturing Engineer.  Herb’s background is in Manufacturing and Operations and he holds degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Herb is thrilled to join Sikama’s 40-year legacy bringing his extensive knowledge of manufacturing, product development, engineering, and management. Herb brings a fresh perspective alongside impressive goals for the future of Sikama International and the global electronics manufacturing industry.

Outside of work, Herb is married, and father to 3 adult-aged daughters.  He enjoys running, mountain biking, ping-pong and wine tasting.

Jeffrey Blair

Director, Sales & Business Development

Throughout his career, Jeff has held roles as a Technical Sales Manager, Engineering Program Director, and Vice President of Sales. He is now responsible for Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at Sikama.

Jeff is excited to leverage Sikama’s history of success to grow market share with new and existing customers, develop innovative new products, and advance along with the rapidly changing industry.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys fitness, golf, flying, learning anything new, and spending time with his wife and their two dogs.  Jeff holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana.

Lisa Young

General Manager

Being at Sikama for over a decade, Lisa is Sikama’s proficient General Manager.   Working collaboratively with every level, Lisa manages the continuous development of the company by maintaining incredible organization and ensuring the effective delivery of products.

Receiving her bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Lisa is proud to be part of a team that prides themselves in the highest quality work.

Robert W. Green

Production Manager

Being with Sikama for 31 years, Robert is Sikama’s incredibly seasoned Production Manager.  Graduating from Loyola Marymount Business School, Robert has stayed within the realm of small businesses having previously worked in roles such as Engineered Product Sales as well as Manufacturing Management.

Spending majority of his time on the production floor, Robert has an extensive history working within customer support, field support, sales involvement when planning and buying products, as well as service and equipment setup.  Assisting whenever applicable and helping where help is needed, Robert is an integral part of the Sikama difference.

Patrick W. Higgins

Production Engineer

Receiving his electrical engineering degree from ITT and having worked at Sikama for over 20 years, Patrick is Sikama’s well-seasoned Production Engineer.  Patrick has worked within software development, Solidworks, field service, support, the design of multiple electrical systems and interfaces, conduct testing, CAD and solid modeling, as well as project management, to name a few.

Having worked with the originators of Sikama, Patrick is thrilled to have grown alongside the company over the years and work his way up to Production Engineer.  Looking forward to the ever-growing industry, technology, and opportunities within the microelectronics industry, Patrick is ready to take on any challenge in front of him.

Outside of work, Patrick enjoys spending time with his family, off roading, camping, and participating in every and any water sports.

Careers at Sikama

Job Description

Senior Electrical Engineering position in a small, fast-paced environment, where you can make a significant impact on the company’s future, while gaining diverse and valuable experience.

Looking for a well-rounded Electrical Engineer with experience in electromechanical equipment design, control system design and implementation, schematic layout/design and programming.  PLC programming experience is also helpful.

Company is looking to upgrade and expand its current product portfolio and introduce new state-of-the-art equipment to electronics manufacturers we serve globally.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering discipline required, SolidWorks experience necessary.

5-7 years of experience desired.

Job Description

Responsible for the installation and/or service of company equipment at customers’ sites globally.

Ensure compliance to customer work and safety protocols.

While not at customer site, be on-site at company to build equipment, update service and installation documentation, manufacture sub-assemblies, and support on-going production in all facets.

Provide training to customers and end users. Support on-site demonstration lab for customer evaluations.