More value, less space

Providing exceptional value per square foot of floor space, the Falcon 5C offers the capabilities of a full size reflow oven in a compact bench top design.


More capability, less money and floor space

The Falcon 5C can process large microwave components, double-sided boards, BGA’s, fluxless gold tin, and much more, all at a fraction of the cost and size of a full-size oven.


More versatility, less space

The 5C provides left to right or right to left process flow, as well as 4 heating zones and 2 cooling zones to deliver the utmost in versatility, all while using less than 10 square feet of floor space.


More capability, less space

Sikama’s 5C benchtop reflow oven provides an optional batch process software option, which allows individual dwell times per heating and cooling zone. This allows maximum single-part flexibility while utilizing under 10 square feet (1 square meter) of space

Heating Zones 4
Cooling Zones 2
Loading Zones 1
Total Number of Zones 7
Platen Size 5 in. x 6.5 in. (125 x 162 mm)
Maximum Substrate Size 5 in. x 5.75 in. (125 x 144 mm)
Speed Mode (Inches Per Minute) 3 to 50 in/min. (7.5 to 125 cm/min.)
Time Mode (Dwell & Travel Time) 1 sec. to 99 min. 59 sec. (per zone)
Temperature (Standard) Up to 400°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 2°C
Warm-up Time to 230°C 10 minutes
Coolant Flow 0.5 to 2 GPM (2 to 8 liters/min.)
Alarms Over/Under Temperature, Gas, Coolant, Motor Torque
Parts Flow (Specify When Ordering) L to R or R to L
Gas Consumption 120-150 cubic feet per hour
O2 Level 10 PPM, 0.25 inch opening
Voltage (Specify when Ordering) 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 or 3 Phase
Start-up Power (kW) 11kW @ 240 VAC
Power Consumption 50% or less
Basic Unit Weight 200 lbs. (91 Kg)
Basic Unit Dimensions L 53 x W 25 x H 26 inches (134.6 x 63.5 x 66 cm)


Part #      Description
2701 Software Package Compatible with Windows 7 and 10
1281 “Sampling” Port to attach to Oxygen Monitor, Installed – 1 zone (O2 monitor not included)
Kit Zero Down Time Kit (2 Years Minimum Support)
2704 Batch Oven Software feature providing unique zone dwell times

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