Sikama Solutions: Kuprion Inc. Falcon 5C

The Customer

Kuprion, Inc. | San Jose, California
Kuprion has developed a revolutionary copper sintering material with excellent thermal and electrical properties for the electronics industry. Their technology addresses challenges across the spectrum from copper pillars for high-density interconnects to heat sink attach for traction motor inverters. The ability to tune the CTE of the sintering paste provides a much-needed solution for challenging thermomechanical issues in state-of-the-art high-power semiconductor applications.

The Challenge

Kuprion faced several key challenges to meet their goals as well as their customer needs. For example, they required a sintering solution that maintained low oxygen levels throughout the entire heating chamber, low impact facility requirements, and ensured efficient use of space, nitrogen, and power consumption. Additionally, they sought a product that could handle diverse applications that was also scalable and relevant to future production capabilities, providing a seamless transition from development to full-scale manufacturing.

The Solution

Sikama’s compact sintering solution, the Falcon 5C, proved the perfect solution for Kuprion’s needs. Allowing the rapid iteration of profile designs, prototype generation, seamless integration into larger production equipment, a simple user interface, and the ability to deliver a product and a process to their customers, Sikama’s Falcon 5C allows Kuprion to set their customers up for success in manufacturing.

The Benefit

Utilizing Sikama International’s benchtop solution, the Falcon 5C allowed for seamless translation to production environments, rapid iteration of profile design, and ensured consistent results from the lab to full-scale manufacturing. Kuprion also benefitted from the user-friendly interface enhancing overall productivity and accelerating their time-to-market, resulting in the simple yet highly effective solution they were searching for.