Sikama’s EA1200 Oven is the next generation of safe, fluxless reflow solder solutions for wafer bumping applications. Using innovative Electron Attachment technology, developed in partnership with Air Products™, the EA1200 provides unmatched performance offering truly residue-free fluxless soldering.

The system is operated with N2 cover gas and an H2/N2 blend with less than 5% hydrogen, ensuring safe operation.

To provide customizable profiling, the oven contains eight working zones, six heating and two cooling.  Also included are external load and unload zones which can operate in local mode or can be integrated into a flowing process using SMEMA or SECS/GEM connectivity to other process machinery.  The heating and cooling zones utilize the Sikama contact thermal transfer for the bottom elements and combined convection and radiant thermal transfer for the top elements.  Each cooling and heating zone is independently temperature controlled permitting a complex thermal profile to be used in the fluxless reflow process.

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