Before entering the heating zones, the substrate temperature is stabilized in a liquid-cooled load zone. Each heat zone has individual temperature set point and gas flow controls that maintain platen temperature to within +/- 1% to ensure reliable, repeatable profiles. The cover gas is introduced into the reflow chamber through micro-perforations in the bottom heating platens and enters the chamber at the same temperature set for each zone. The last internal liquid-cooled zone ensures a process cool-down in an inert atmosphere. Additional cooling of the substrate is accomplished as the product exits into the liquid-cooled offload zone.

Components are transported through the furnace by sweeper bars that can operate continuously or in a “dwell” (timed delay) mode which is a unique feature offered only by Sikama and which produces superior temperature uniformity in the reflow profile while utilizing the smallest footprint in the industry. The Falcon 1200 can be interfaced with a computer for storing profiles, monitoring individual heat zone temperatures as well as speed and time controls including remote operation.

The Falcon 1200’s minimal use of electricity and gas is the result of Sikama’s unique design for balanced heating and cooling that will ensure the highest performance at the lowest cost.

May be added at any time – furnish serial number.

Part# Description
2701 Software Package (Windows 7/10)
9648 Uninterruptible Power Supply, 220V
Kit Zero Down Time Kit (2 Years Minimum Support)

System Serial Number must accompany spare parts order.

Part# Description
1095 Flow Switch – Water/Gas
2198 Contactor, Main Power
2200 Heat Zone Assembly
2225 Equipment Manual, Falcon 1200

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