The Ultra Profile 2000 is available as a manually loaded stand-alone system, or an automated system with a SMEMA interface, robotics, and sensors that allows you to link it to other automated assembly machines in your production line. Parts can be transported by the sweeperbars with a cycle time of less than 10 seconds. Its 400° C maximum temperature gives the Ultra Profile 2000 the flexibility to handle die soldering, BGAs, Flip Chips, and IMS with copper or aluminum bases, as well as high density components. Reflow soldering to copper, beryllium, ceramic, and glass epoxy substrates are all possible with the Ultra Profile 2000.

Economy of operation is ensured by SIKAMA’s patented balanced heating and cooling technology, with a nitrogen usage of 200 to 400 CFHg. All this capability comes with a small 38 by 43-inch footprint, which means the Ultra Profile 2000 will fit easily onto your production floor or clean room.

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