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Sikama is the global leader in wafer bumping, able to handle wafers up to 650mm, including fragile or warped wafers.

Using Sikama’s unique combination of conduction + convective + radiant heating technology, we can transfer energy into and out of substrates much more efficiently than competitors. This allows high performance for even the most challenging substrates, including high mass.

Electron Attachment is a novel flux-free technology based on electron attachment (EA) which can be operated at ambient pressure and normal solder reflow temperatures using non-flammable mixtures of hydrogen in nitrogen.

Sikama has partnered exclusively with AirProducts to offer customers an exciting new form of fluxless reflow technology. EA Technology offers the following customer benefits:

  • Enhanced bump reflow quality because the flux induced solder voids and wafer contaminations naturally disappear
  • Improved productivity by having in-line process capability, eliminating post wafer cleaning, and avoiding furnace down time for cleaning
  • Reduced cost of ownership to end users due to eliminated costs associated with cleaning equipment, cleaning solution, labor work, and flux
  • Improved safety by eliminating flux exposure and using a non-toxic and non-flammable gas mixture
  • No environmental issues by eliminating organic vapors, hazard residues, and CO2 emission