Sikama Solutions: Mercury Systems

The Customer

Mercury Systems | Phoenix, Arizona
“Leader in making trusted, secure mission-critical technologies profoundly more accessible to aerospace and defense”

The Challenge

Mercury Systems needed a shorter oven that would provide side-entry and meet all their profiling needs. Longer term they wanted to be able to run epoxy cure that would have sustained temperature of 150C-180C for 15 minutes as well as all solder paste, and solder ball attach reflow profiles.

They purchased our four-zone UP2000 which provided a massive reduction in floor space. However, the entry point and exit point would offset any other lines requiring downstream equipment and cause it to stick out further than the upstream equipment. A Boat shuttle from another manufacturer was originally purchased to try and solve the problem. This brought the upstream and downstream equipment back in line; however, the shuttle was bulky and had issues with programming and crash prevention.

The Solution

Mercury approached Sikama requesting a versatile, software programmable, SMEMA capable, and floorspace efficient shuttle which could easily be integrated into a production line. The result was the SIKAMA SHUTTLE, which offers complete versatility.

The Benefit

“Our final solution to the equipment inline requirement was SIKAMA’s development of their own SHUTTLE solution. Their SHUTTLE is easily programmed and interfaces with the SIKAMA GUI software. We are very pleased with this configuration and are in the works of purchasing a fourth oven this year.”