Chipmakers Fail to Meet Carbon-Emission Target, Experts Say

Chipmakers Fail to Meet Carbon-Emission Target, Experts Say

Sikama International is delighted to see the dedication of many companies within the semiconductor industry to reducing carbon emissions for the betterment of our world.  At Sikama International, we take pride in our engineering achievements that contribute to a smaller ecological footprint, reduced energy consumption, and remarkably short startup times – just 15 minutes until your machines are production-ready, to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability for our beloved earth.


Sikama International to Exhibit at Semicon Europa co-located with Productronica 2023

Sikama International to Exhibit at SEMICON Europa and Productronica 2023

SANTA BARBARA, CA – October 20, 2023 –Sikama International is excited to exhibit at SEMICON Europa and Productronica 2023 this November 14th -17th in Munich, Germany at Messe Munchen. We will be located in Hall B2, coexhibiting alongside our distributors, nanotec International GmbH located in Hall B2, booth 151, and Honeystone located in Hall B2, booth 512.

nanotec international GmbH has provided solutions for semiconductor backend, assembly/packaging and related fields to the European market for over 20 years. Based in Munich, and with additional locations for technical service in Portugal and Malta, nanotec is a long-standing and trusted partner of Sikama International, Inc.

Honeystone Limited provides turnkey solutions and process development in hybrid thick film, multilayer ceramics, batteries and composites, and the advanced packaging – MCM, WLP, MEMS, optoelectronic and power electronics. With its headquarters located in London, UK and sales and service available for Europe, Turkey, and South America, Honeystone is a long-standing and trusted partner of Sikama International, Inc.

Our President and Owner, Herb Weigel, and our Vice President of Commercial Operations, Jeff Blair, will be presenting our revolutionary Electron Attachment fluxless reflow technology alongside our extensive product line of reflow solder systems which offer the highest efficiency, smallest footprint, and most versatility in the industry.

Our patented Electron Attachment technology, developed in partnership with AirProducts™, provides unmatched performance offering truly safe and residue-free fluxless reflow. The system is operated at ambient pressure with an H2/N2 blend at less than 5% hydrogen, ensuring safe operation. The EA1200 utilizes an electrically isolated ceramic roller transport mechanism to move the work item from zone to zone through the oven. Metal oxides are removed in the EA zones before reflow which eliminates the need for flux coating or washing. This technology is shown to be superior to formic acid processes time and time again. In addition, this revolutionary breakthrough offers the safest and lowest cost per wafer of any competing technology.

Come learn more about Sikama International’s RELIABLE, REPEATABLE, RESPONSIBLE, REFLOW, At B2 151 and B2 512.

Sikama International Announces Full Commercialization of Acid-Free “Electron Attachment” Fluxless Solder Reflow System 

Sikama International Announces Full Commercialization of Acid-Free “Electron Attachment” Fluxless Solder Reflow System 

SANTA BARBARA, CA – September 1, 2023 – Sikama International Inc., in collaboration with AirProducts Inc.™, is proud to announce the full commercial launch of its acid-free Electron Attachment (EA) Fluxless Reflow Soldering System, a revolutionary step for the Advanced Packaging Semiconductor sector. 

The innovative technology behind this system is based on the Electron Attachment (EA) principle for activating hydrogen, a method that AirProducts has been refining for the past 15 years to efficiently reduce surface oxides. The EA technology is engineered to break down H₂ molecules into hydrogen anions, which are then targeted towards the soldering surfaces to effectively clean and reduce oxides before the reflow process. Additionally, this technology operates at ambient pressure and temperatures well within the window of traditional reflow processes.  

The key advantages of this technology include: 

  • Truly Residue-Free: Enhanced reflow quality without flux-induced solder voids and wafer contamination. No post-reflow cleaning equipment is required and significantly less oven cleaning. 
  • In-line Process: Easily integrated into existing manufacturing lines without batch processing. The EA process occurs immediately before the reflow process.  
  • Environmental Impact: The EA flux-free process is entirely residue-free and environmentally benign with no organic vapors, hazardous residues, or CO2 emission. 
  • Ambient Pressure and sub-reflow temperatures: No vacuum requirements and safely processes substrates. 

Sikama, as the exclusive global integrator of this technology and partner with AirProducts, views the technology and equipment commercialization as “a game-changer for this industry, as the need for advanced solutions to packaging evolutions in the semiconductor industry continue to evolve”, according to Herb Weigel, President and CEO of Sikama International. 

The Sikama EA1200 Solder reflow oven is certified to EN 600204-1, SEMI S2/S8/S22/S23/F47/E6, is CE certified, and is verified to be compliant with NFPA79 in installed applications.  Nearly 50 Worldwide Patents have been issued on this technology.  The technology is well suited to provide significant benefits to small geometries in wafer bumping, copper pillar, and flip chip applications. 

Established in 1982, Sikama International, Inc. designs and produces its products in Santa Barbara, California. Their reflow system offerings provide exceptional performance, with the fluxless systems set to redefine industry standards. 

Reliable. Repeatable. Responsible. Reflow. 

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Sikama International Strengthens Worldwide Distributor Network by Partnering with CMT Global to support Korean and International Markets

Sikama International Strengthens Worldwide Distributor Network by Partnering with CMT Global to Support Korean and International Markets

Sikama International, a trusted provider of state-of-the-art reflow systems is proud to announce their new partnership with CMT, a global leader specializing in back-end semiconductor solutions.

CMT was formed in August 2010 by Mr. CW Kwak, who has over 30 years experience in the semiconductor industry. CMT offers both material and equipment solutions in the back-end semiconductor assembly market.

CMT is a unique global marketing and sales company. CMT focuses on a micro-level marketing working directly with clients and customers through offering specific projects, right beta sites, and global project management. CMT focuses on short-term projects to deliver sales on client’s current products, then offers mid-term projects for next 2-3 years, and long-term programs 5-10 years out to deliver continuous long-term growth and sustainability.

Sikama’s new partnership with CMT will enable both companies to expand their reach to provide customers with an expansive range of solutions on a global platform.

Sikama International Announces Product Support for Copper and Silver Sintering Applications

Sikama International announces product support for copper and silver sintering applications used in the power electronics and EV markets.

Sikama’s sintering pre-dry ovens offer conductive heating in a controlled environment with adjustable O2 levels as low as 5ppm in a footprint of less than 1 square meter. With their compact design, highly efficient conductive thermal transfer to high-mass components, and the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, Sikama’s products are the perfect fit for any power electronics production line. Additionally, with only 15 minutes before reaching temperature set points, energy costs and gas requirements are kept to a minimum.

With SMEMA and SECS/GEM capability and customizable profiling, their Ultra Profile and Falcon series ovens seamlessly integrate into the automated production line. Providing accurate and consistent temperatures, controlled cooling rates, and each zone fully adjustable to within 1°C, the guesswork is removed from the pre-drying process. With multidirectional process flow using either sweeper bar or walking beam transport systems and the lowest vibration and power consumption in the industry, Sikama has a configuration for any need.

For over 40 years Sikama International has offered highly reliable equipment and is the trusted option of manufacturers worldwide.

Sikama International in the Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce Magazine

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“With 40 years in Santa Barbara, California, Sikama International has seen the South Coast grow and develop over the years. Sikama continues to expand its production space and team to meet the increasing demand for small footprint, high efficiency, and long-lasting products.”


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Sikama's Newsletter: A Year in Review 2022

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"Through past performance and nearly 40 years in the industry, Sikama International, Inc. has gained a reputation for quality products delivered on time with outstanding customer service."


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Sikama International Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Sikama International Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Established in July of 1982 by Sig, Kail, and Mariellen Wathne (hence the name, “SiKaMa”), Sikama was founded to design, develop, and manufacture high quality reflow soldering and curing systems utilizing a first of its kind high efficiency conductive heating technology to support the demands of the electronics industry.

After nearly 40 successful years, Sikama was purchased by Herb Weigel. Keeping with the mission originated by the founders, Herb’s goal is to elevate Sikama’s products to keep pace with the demands of the industry and exceed customer expectations. With an enhanced product roadmap and a growing number of services to support customers, Sikama is positioned better than ever to meet the increasing demands of its customers.

Sikama continues to grow its production space and team to meet the increasing demand for small footprint, high efficiency, and long-lasting products. In addition, with the launch of the fluxless EA UP1200, the company is positioned better than ever to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

Here’s what was happening in 1982 when Sikama was founded:

• Time Magazine’s Machine of the Year was The Computer
• Biggest Blockbuster of 1982 was E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
• Superbowl XVI Champions were the San Francisco 49ers
• Billboard’s #1 Song was Physical by Olivia Newton-John
• Adobe was founded in California by Chuck Geschke and John Warnock

Sikama International, Inc. Congratulates and Supports the Passing of The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022

Sikama International, Inc. Congratulates and Supports the Passing of The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022

As the only producer of Made-in-America reflow ovens supporting the semiconductor industry for over 40 years, Sikama International, Inc. is pleased to see and support the passage of The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022.

Established in 1982 and still operating in Southern California, Sikama International has been a leading producer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and with the U.S.’s passing of the CHIPS and Science Act, we are excited to see the investment in US leadership of domestic manufacture, design and research to advance the deployment of advanced semiconductor technologies and manufacturing for years to come.

With the ongoing chip shortage and continually increasing demand, the strong support from the US government is key to our country’s economic growth, infrastructure, and national security. We are excited to see the future domestic growth, technology, and opportunities presented by the passing of this act. This funding is an invigorating step towards a brighter future for the United States.

Sikama's Interview with Easy Engineering

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“Sikama is the only reflow oven manufacturer that utilizes both conductive and convective heating methods, something that’s not available in a belt furnace, and offers industry-leading thermal transport. This significantly increases our performance advantage and energy/gas usage. This also allows very small footprints since components are allowed to “dwell” in each zone for a specified period, dramatically decreasing floor space requirements.”


Our Director of Sales and Business Development, Jeffrey Blair, interviewed with Easy Engineering regarding Sikama International’s profitability, advantages, and our Electron Attachment Technology.