Sikama International Announces Full Commercialization of Acid-Free “Electron Attachment” Fluxless Solder Reflow System 

SANTA BARBARA, CA – September 1, 2023 – Sikama International Inc., in collaboration with AirProducts Inc.™, is proud to announce the full commercial launch of its acid-free Electron Attachment (EA) Fluxless Reflow Soldering System, a revolutionary step for the Advanced Packaging Semiconductor sector. 

The innovative technology behind this system is based on the Electron Attachment (EA) principle for activating hydrogen, a method that AirProducts has been refining for the past 15 years to efficiently reduce surface oxides. The EA technology is engineered to break down H₂ molecules into hydrogen anions, which are then targeted towards the soldering surfaces to effectively clean and reduce oxides before the reflow process. Additionally, this technology operates at ambient pressure and temperatures well within the window of traditional reflow processes.  

The key advantages of this technology include: 

  • Truly Residue-Free: Enhanced reflow quality without flux-induced solder voids and wafer contamination. No post-reflow cleaning equipment is required and significantly less oven cleaning. 
  • In-line Process: Easily integrated into existing manufacturing lines without batch processing. The EA process occurs immediately before the reflow process.  
  • Environmental Impact: The EA flux-free process is entirely residue-free and environmentally benign with no organic vapors, hazardous residues, or CO2 emission. 
  • Ambient Pressure and sub-reflow temperatures: No vacuum requirements and safely processes substrates. 

Sikama, as the exclusive global integrator of this technology and partner with AirProducts, views the technology and equipment commercialization as “a game-changer for this industry, as the need for advanced solutions to packaging evolutions in the semiconductor industry continue to evolve”, according to Herb Weigel, President and CEO of Sikama International. 

The Sikama EA1200 Solder reflow oven is certified to EN 600204-1, SEMI S2/S8/S22/S23/F47/E6, is CE certified, and is verified to be compliant with NFPA79 in installed applications.  Nearly 50 Worldwide Patents have been issued on this technology.  The technology is well suited to provide significant benefits to small geometries in wafer bumping, copper pillar, and flip chip applications. 

Established in 1982, Sikama International, Inc. designs and produces its products in Santa Barbara, California. Their reflow system offerings provide exceptional performance, with the fluxless systems set to redefine industry standards. 

Reliable. Repeatable. Responsible. Reflow. 

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