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Sikama International offers JABIL's Wafer Handling Systems such as their WaferMate 300 as well as their WaferMate 200 Automation Platforms.

The WaferMate 300 is a highly configurable robotic wafer-handling cell. Pairing with all types of processing environments and tools, the WaferMate 300 can service up to 3 process tools at a time.

Sikama offers products from ECD such as the OvenSENTINEL™ as well as their SuperM.O.L.E.™ EV6 Thermal Profiler.

ECD’s OvenSENTINEL™ is a continuous Product Quality Monitoring System for your reflow oven. Offering traceability records, analytics, measurements, and constant product monitoring, the OvenSENTINEL™ is the perfect addition to Sikama’s products.

ECD’s SuperM.O.L.E.™ EV6 thermal profiler features massive memory capacity and functionality to ensure thorough thermal process measurements.

With over 65 years of experience, LAUDA is the leading manufacturer of premium temperature control equipment and analytical measuring devices including static water baths, low and high temperature recirculating baths, lab-scale and industrial chillers, custom industrial heating and cooling systems, process viscosity instruments, and innovative thermoelectric heating and cooling solutions.

Our TCUs range from -150 to 550 degrees Celsius with cooling capacity up to 365 kW.

Reaching levels as low as 20 ppm within 2 minutes, Industrial Physics EC900 Process Oxygen Analyser is the perfect fit for any semiconductor manufacturing process.

With a maintenance-free disposable oxygen sensor, quick response time, unaffected by vibration or position, and microprocessor controlled functions, the EC900 is a perfect pair with Sikama's ovens.

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